Do you need more time? Duh. Who doesn’t? We all do. Let me find yours for you.Let me help.

Do you need organization? Filing assistance? Data entry? A New Website? Marketing ideas? Sanity? Let me help.

I  would love to hear from you and see if we can schedule a “first date”. I hate meetings so we won’t call it that, and after all, a working relationship is similar to any other relationship, right? There must be respect, trust, communication and follow through. And dinners. Lots of dinners.

I don’t need to be on your payroll, I don’t need you to provide me with insurance, an office, time off or paid vacations. I just need you. Call me, email me, text me.

Let me be, who I need to be, for you. A Real Gal Friday.



So......What can Gal Friday do for you?

Let me count the things.

Really these are things I've done for other people, but I can do them for you too! And so much more.....

- Design a super awesome logo
- Build and manage a professional, up-to-date website
- Make your business the best it can be
- Bug you daily about getting in shape
- Meet you for wine (and therapy)
- Create custom artwork for anything you need
- Make sure your clients DO NOT forget you
- Organize you AND your office
- Conceive a marketing plan that fits your budget, your business and your life
 - Manage your social media, even if it makes no sense to you
- Assist you in getting your life back, and growing your business
- Develop a strategy to manage and maintain your client relations
- Plan and execute top-notch events (business or personal)
- Design, print and ship one-of-a-kind business cards
- Anything you can think of or need. Seriously. Just call me.