Amazing and Ridiculous skills you learn as a Business Owner

by G



How to simultaneously pet your dog, answer an email, drink your coffee, blow dry your hair, deposit checks, complete and order and talk on the phone, all at the same time, with no issues.




 How to type using one hand; Although responding to emails takes double the amount of time, so you learn to make up for it by working until midnight. You'll chicken-peck for six hours before you'll let your grande-caramel-skinny-with-extra whip-latte get cold. What? It was $6!


 How to eat anything while driving. You may sacrifice that new favorite Cole Hann blouse, but you need those calories to stay alive, so you hoarf down the junk and be sure to use your blinker.




The long lost art of silent talking. You know that mouthing things like Can’t you see I’m on the phone?", and "It’s in the fridge, so just microwave it”, can help you get that client you’ve been wooing for an hour.


 Sometimes, you need to have a wine lunch. This is has been known to save many lives in the world of business. That is just a fact, and it happens. Your sanity will Thank You. 


 The ability to without sleep for multiple days at a time and still manage to function. Not everyone will understand that you don’t ever stop working. EVER. When everyone else gets to “punch out” leave their desk behind, and make the drive home, there you are, still in your basement office, paying off your husband to make dinner so you can get that spreadsheet finished, or spending 30 more minutes on the project you are sure is going to make your customers come back again and again.

So, take your skills, and make them better. Learn to hone these skills like a freakin' ninja warrior. Train hard, and focus so that one you may be able to able to help another. Another doer, another mother, another maker, another friend, another dreamer.