My mom raised a Girl Scout

by G

Innovation, adaptation, evolution, whatever you want to call it, we all have it. Most times it's just a matter of whether we have the strength and courage to let it be. Change is difficult to cultivate when you're scared shitless.  Hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when all you can feel is the cold of the dark sucking you deeper in. 

Not this guy. Rob Hart exemplifies strength, courage and the sheer ability of "making the best of it". Like most media outlets, the Sun-Times has been trying to keep up with the ever demanding growth of the American people. This means embracing technology and moving towards the digital age. For the record, I love the smell and feel of picking up a freshly printed newspaper, but not everyone agrees with me.

Rob Hart was replaced with a reporter with an iPhone, and has lived to tell about it. Taking life's bullshit in stride, he picked up his own iPhone and has been documenting his life ever since on his Tumblr page. Normally, I wouldn't praise any sort of "reality-crap" journalism, but Rob Hart is different.  No crap here.


Day 1 - unemployment paperwork and cold pizza

Day 1 - unemployment paperwork and cold pizza

 Artistic, new, original and real, he is helping people to understand that even if we aren't prepared, and something unplanned takes over our lives, we can learn to live and even grow with it. Something my mom taught me when I was very young. 

"Always Be Prepared."

The motto of the Girl Scouts of America, from the 1947 Girl Scout Handbook. Maybe Ron Hart should be an honorary Girl Scout. Then again, maybe not.  That could be inappropriate.


Check out Rob Hart's Tumblr HERE, and get inspired.