What are you worth....to you?

by G

Think about this: 

~ You pay yourself $240,000/year at your business. (Nice work, by the way).
~ You work 2,000 hours a year (I know it's more like 3,500, but I hate math so I'm trying to make this easy.) 
~ That means you make around $120/hour. (Again, nice work.)
~ If you drive 15 minutes to the post office, stand in line, and drive 15 minutes back, you spent 45 minutes and just paid $90 for that task. 90 freakin dollars to mail a letter!


Imagine all of the other things that you are doing in your day, that is wasting your money (and your time, since time is money). Let your "Gal" do that for you, and she will not charge you $120 an hour! (Maybe after Gal Friday takes over the world, but at least, not right now.)


Make a list, keep track of your day, organize your priorities. These are all things that your "Gal" can help you, or do for you. Lighten your load, make your days easier and give you a break. Determining your worth means working smarter and spending less money to do it.

So........What are you worth to you?