Gal Friday has helped many different people from many different industries.

Here's what they're saying about it.


“Gal Friday built our website WOW! we have had so much phenomenal feedback about how the site looks, how easy it is to navigate, etc. It was done so quickly and beautifully that we hired Gal Friday on a retainer basis to handle all of our social media activities. It’s great to have someone so creative, efficient and organized on our ‘team’!”

"Gal Friday amazes me with her talent, her marketing ideas, She is so good at what she does, it doesn’t seem like a work relationship. More like a friend helping you not pull your hair out. Social Media, Marketing and anything web related is crucial in reaching potential clients. Erica gave it to me straight and changed my way of managing those tedious tasks. My website has been updated, my contacts are now nicely organized and my business is booming!"

“Working with Erica at Gal Friday has been awesome! She is full of creative ideas and innovative thinking. She is accountable and on the ball. She is the business owner’s side-kick (literally) that I have always wanted!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 stars for Gal Friday!”

“Gal Friday is the best! We hired Gal Friday to prepare a mailing for our clients. we were provided a couple of great options to choose from. Both options looked fantastic. We really appreciated the speed and creativity provided by Gal Friday.”

“Gal Friday’s services enable my office to operate at its best. I am able to focus on the meeting and court dates at hand, As my business grows, that reflects well on my practice. And I couldn’t do it without Gal Friday.”

“Gal Friday has done a range of different projects for me. She keeps me on track and helps me to come up with new and innovative ways of finding success in my business. As I grow, and my business grows, Gal Friday realizes that change and growth are part of the business world, and is always ready to look at things in a whole new way.”

“Erica is my “go to” gal for many business related tasks that I just couldn’t find the time or creativity to do. I barely even needed to explain to her what needed to be done. It’s as if she just knew. I would highly recommend gal Friday to anyone who just can’t seem to get organized due to lack of ideas, creativity or simply lack of time. Thank you Gal Friday!! ”